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World Refugee Day: Why Education for Refugees Should Be Priority

World Refugee Day: Why Education for Refugees Should Be Priority

This World Refugee Day, the Malala Fund wants us to remember how important providing better education opportunities to refugee children is as more than 60 million refugees are currently displaced.

Over half of all refugees currently displaced are under 18 years old, the Malala Fund says, but few have the opportunity receive any education at all, let alone a good one.

While child refugees are lucky to complete primary school, an outstanding 75 percent of all refugee adolescents do not attend secondary school due to scarce resources as well as cultural interferences.

In Pakistan, for example, young women refugees have a greater likelihood of getting married and having children than they do staying in school.

"In the midst of the largest refugee crisis in more than 70 years, leaders have a choice to make: invest in education for a safer, healthier, more prosperous future or condemn refugee children — and our world — to deeper poverty and continued conflict,” the Malala Funds says.

At the present moment, only two percent of all humanitarian aid is dedicated to education despite its importance in giving refugees better lives.

In order to fix the state of education in countries that house significant numbers of refugees, the Malala Fund recommends the creation of a regional educator certification network to create a necessary teacher workforce. This way educators from refugee children’s home countries can help educate students while understanding both language and cultural barriers, and be able to travel to countries when needed.

"This will allow refugee children to transfer their education from country to country, continue their education at a university or find decent employment in their host country or home country when they return."

Read about how you can personally contribute here.

Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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