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Bring Life to Aging Computers By Converting Them to Chromebooks

Bring Life to Aging Computers By Converting Them to Chromebooks

If your school has plenty of aging computers, but no room in the budget to replace them, Samsung Business Insider has a suggestion: covert them into Chromebooks.

Using CloudReady by Neverware, schools are able to easily convert desktops, laptops and notebooks to its version of Chrome OS. By doing so, these aging devices are made current and useful once again through the “Chrome experience.”

The article shares the success story of Michael Eison, technology coordinator for a district of just 1,200 students, and a small budget to match.

Eison says the conversion "instantly helped teachers automate their processes” through access to Google Admin and Google Apps for Education.

According to Eison, once a device is converted to Chrome OS through CloudReady, it acts just like a Chromebook, without the steep price tag of a new one-to-one initiative.

Converted computers, he says, integrate "seamlessly into the management tools for Chromebooks, allowing IT staff to manage the machines just like any other Chromebook.”

"So, if you’ve got a fleet of computers that are physically sound but get bogged down running the latest software and operating system, consider adding them to your existing cache of Chromebooks. They’ll run fast enough to keep students happy—and offer all the benefits of the Chrome ecosystem,” the article says.

Earlier in the year, Computer World’s JR Raphael laid out the pros and cons behind Neverware’s CloudReady software. While he found some distinct difference between actual Chrome OS and what Neverware offers, he called it a “fantastic opportunity” that just make sense for schools and enterprises with limited budgets and dated tech. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how to convert existing computers into Chromebooks, you can contact Samsung’s Education Sales here. 

Read the full story.

Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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