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Was Melania Trump’s Speech an Act of Plagiarism? Ask a Teacher!

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It was the speech heard around the world. Shortly after Melania Trump addressed the Republican National Convention two days ago, similarities between her speech and Michelle Obama’s 2008 convention speech ignited the incessant chatter that Melania’s speech was blatant plagiarism.

While many people can’t agree on whether the similarities constitute plagiarism, the authorities on plagiarism are weighing-in.

Who are these authorities, you ask?

Only the people who have to deal with the issue as part of their job description: teachers! And they’re not happy that the matter is even up for debate in the first place.

“As educators we have to draw hard lines on what plagiarism is,” Shawnee Mission district teacher Maureen Frazell said, according to

We are trying to show kids the right way to do things. Blurring those lines is making it more complicated for us...It gives the impression that it doesn’t matter. And it does. The consequences in education are big.”

Another teacher told that he wouldn’t give Melania credit for her speech if it was an assignment.

“It was essentially word for word copying with no credit or acknowledgment to the person who originally crafted those ideas,” said Dylan Burd, according to the article.

Other teachers are thanking Melania for giving them a relevant example of how plagiarism works and what not to do:



Watch the contested plagiarism for yourself below and take our poll to provide the needed authority on whether or not Melania plagiarized: 


Nicole Gorman, Senior Education World Contributor


Is Melania's speech plagiarism?

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