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Popular App Words With Friends Releases Education Edition for Classroom Use

Popular App Words With Friends Releases Education Edition for Classroom Use

The popular gaming app Words With Friends is bringing its beloved gameplay to the classroom this back-to-school season with Words With Friends EDU.

The education edition of the game, says Vaibhav Sahgal, General Manager, Words With Friends, is intended to help all students including English Language Learners to increase their vocabulary and in turn educational outcomes.

"With students showing significant gains in the use of academic words in their first six sessions of Words With Friends EDU, we are proud to deliver this new learning tool to students, teachers and parents as they start the school year,” Sahgal said.

Indeed, Words With Friends EDU might take off in the classroom for the sheer reason that most people are already familiar with it. It’s been named one of the App Store’s best free games of all time and has been touted as one of the most popular mobile word games ever.

Add in a few educational features and the game becomes an instant learning tool designed for students in 4th to 8th grade.

According to its press release, Words With Friends EDU has been developed in unison with teachers, ensuring "gameplay and accompanying curriculum and lesson plans drive deeper learning and alignment with Common Core Standards. In addition to engaging teachers at every step in the game’s development, Words With Friends EDU was beta-tested in over 20 classrooms with more than 1,500 students.”

Specifically, educators can look forward to having access to high-academic words, student incentives via badges and avatars for educational milestones, an interactive dashboard to track student gameplay and even a curriculum-based suite of lesson plans to supplement the game.

Perhaps one of the best parts about the newly launched edition, however, is that is completely free to download.

"Words With Friends EDU is available to download and play for free on the App Store for iPad, Google Play for Android tablet and on the Web,” the release said.

Read more about Words With Friends EDU here.

Nicole Gorman, Senior Education World Contributor


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