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Lexia Learning's RAPID Assessment Wins ISTE’s Best in Show for Literacy Assessments

Lexia Learning's RAPID Assessment Wins ITSE’s Best in Show for Literacy Assessments

Using "adaptive technology to precisely assess reading skills while minimizing time spent on testing,” Lexia Learning’s RAPID assessment has won the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)’s Tech & Learning's Best of Show award.

In less than 60 minutes, the "computer-adaptive assessment screens reading and language skills, identifies instructional needs and focus, and measures skill development and growth,” said Lexia Learning’s parent company Rosetta Stone in a statement.

The RAPID assessment is being praised for being an effective assessment through measuring students’ reading skills within the timeframe of a typical class period.

As schools around the country struggle to find assessments that effectively measure student progress and do so in a reasonable amount of time, RAPID assessment could prove to be an extremely valuable tool moving forward.

"The Best of Show award is a reflection of our mission to provide powerful tools to educators as they teach and assess literacy skills," said Nick Gaehde, president at Lexia Learning in the statement.

"Each of our products is designed to support teachers as they deliver personalized instruction to students of all reading levels."

Lexia Learning was presented with the Best of Show award after being reviewed by a group of tech-savvy experts who determined the tool to have the potential to have a significant in impact in classrooms in the future.

Certainly, its ability to reduce the number of assessments in classrooms holds a lot of promise.

Reviews from teachers who have used the assessment so far have revealed why:

Said elementary school teacher Sarah Stanley on Lexia Learning’s site:

”We started using Lexia in January of last year. We were so very excited to report the highest percentage of students who passed our district mandated 3rd grade reading assessment.”

Read more about Lexia Learning’s RAPID Assessment here.

Nicole Gorman, Senior Education World Contributor


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