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Advocacy Group for Children’s Safety Asks Pokemon GO Creators to Make Data Security a Priority

Advocacy Group for Children’s Safety Asks Pokémon GO Creators to Make Children’s Data Security a Priority

It’s an all-too familiar concern. As technology use increases and changes directions, the data security concerns increase.

For teachers and administrators, the concern over protecting student information is constant nowadays as educational services now operate primarily online.

The latest concern over protecting children’s information stems from the phenomenon that is Pokémon GO.

Common Sense Media, a nonprofit that "works to promote the safe use of media and technology by young people” has requested that the company that has created Pokémon GO, Niantic Inc., takes the security of users’ data seriously.

In a letter obtained by The Washington Post, Common Sense Media addresses several of its primary concerns about a game it says is “marred by various security and safety issues.”

The organization asks Niantic, Inc. to not capitalize on the fact that a record-number of children are playing its augmented reality game.

”Don’t treat children as a ‘business asset,’” the group warns.

”Given the popularity of the game and its appeal to children, there exists an unprecedented opportunity to accumulate broad swaths of personal data on millions of children…We fundamentally object to the notion that the sensitive information of children should be considered a business asset. Rather, significant care must be taken to protect this information from improper use or access.”

Common Sense Media asks Niantic, Inc. for a commitment to not using children’s location data to build profiles as well as asks to place “a data sunset on storing location data collected from children and teens.”

Read the full letter here.


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Nicole Gorman, Senior Education World Contributor


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