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Latest Education News
Preschool students whose teachers are battling depression "act out" more than those taught by other teachers, according to a study reviewed in Health.com.
Remember the literacy-promoting kids' show "Reading Rainbow"? Host LeVar Burton has started a KickStarter project, hoping to bring the program back.
Get details on the case, plus student reflection questions, in this EducationWorld teacher resource.
Teachers and parents who leave children "unplugged" might negatively impact their academic achievement.
Irresponsible reporting and misinformed activists are responsible for recent outbreaks of childhood diseases, said the CDC.
Schools that increase spending may produce better outcomes for low-income students--for example, by significantly raising graduation rates.
The problem is that districts and state legislatures have been slow to approve the transition to digital texts, providing too few clients for digital providers to stay afloat.
Third-grader Gwendolyn Williams came home with a health assessment in her backpack stating that according to her Body Mass Index (BMI), she was overweight.
"It's all about the first experience," said Microsoft Research Developer Peli de Halleux, who created the event last year. "It's realizing that you can do some coding and create your own apps."
LeVar Burton will use the money to digitally revive the program and bring it into classrooms.
The Recovery School District will be the first in the nation comprised only of charter schools, representing a "grand experiment in urban education."
“Too little is known about the effects of head injuries in our young athletes,” said S... 05/29/2014 - 4:35pm ago
Angelou was widely known for her activism, and her first autobiography, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, has been taught in high schools throughout the nation.
An increasing number of states require high school students to take online courses. During the 2011-2012 school year, 620,000 students took online courses to fulfill graduation requirements.
Schools are expressing concerns over the new product and banning its use on their campuses. Flavors such as "fruit loops" and "cotton candy" reportedly make teens more intrigued to buy the electronic smokes.
President Obama met with students who were working on projects such as a cure for a form of liver cancer, and using gel in helmets to prevent sports concussions. More than 100 students from 30 different states participated in the recent... 05/30/2014 - 1:27pm ago
Storium for Students keeps kids engaged by turning creative writing into a multiplayer game. Students can create their own stories together and overcome challenges on their computer, tablet or smartphone.
Games are a worthy addition to the instructional toolbox. Get specific game recommendations for the classroom.
Low levels of teacher satisfaction have prompted much online chatter. Many expressed grievances regarding their own school systems and American education in general.
A high school's controversial decision to airbrush yearbook photos of girls who were “in violation of the dress code" has upset students, parents and rape-recovery advocates.