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New Orleans District Will Include Only Charter Schools

New Orleans District Closes All Traditional Public Schools

The Recovery School District will be the first in the nation comprised only of charter schools, representing a "grand experiment in urban education."

After Hurricane Katrina, the traditional public school system has slowly been swept away, said The Washington Post. The new system has improved education for many children. One downfall, however, is that of the district's 600 employees, 510 will be out of a job. All 33,000 students must apply for a seat at one of the 58 charter schools and rely on a lottery for placement. 

Many critics oppose the change, saying it is undemocratic and that the system poses logistical challenges to parents. 

Opinion surveys show support for charter schools, but not full support for shutting down all traditional public schools. The survey said 41 percent of residents back the idea, and there are plenty of "racial tensions and claims of disinfranchisement."

"This is a depressed community," said Karran Harper Royal, an activist trying to block the school closings. "People here don't really feel like that can coalesce and fight this."

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Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor

Do you think an all-charter district is the right move for New Orleans?

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