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New Online Game Facilitates Storytelling in the Classroom

New Online Game Facilitates Storytelling in the Classroom

A new program, Storium for Students, keeps kids engaged by turning creative writing into a multiplayer game. 

Educators can use the game to enhance students' composition, reading comprehension and creative thinking skills, according to 

Storium uses game concepts inspired by card games, role-playing games and video games where one player is the narrator and others take the role of characters in the story. Every student gets a turn in telling a story. 

"Imagine if, instead of presenting the themes of a famous novel, you could have your students interact with that theme themselves, in a story they're telling," said Protagonist Labs CEO Stephen Hood. "It becomes so much more than just an answer on a test. It allows them to take ownership of that knowledge and make it relevent to them. That's what we're after."

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Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor

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