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900 Students Develop Their Own Apps on 'App Day'

900 Students Develop Their Own Apps on App Day

"It's all about the first experience," said Microsoft Research Developer Peli de Halleux, who created the event [Puget Sound App Day] last year. "It's realizing that you can do some coding and create your own apps. We want that first joyful experience."

In Seattle, a group of 900 students from Rainier Beach High School created their own apps at the second-annual event. Students from 54 schools learned basic development skills and worked with professional developers, according to GeekWire

Students used programs such as TouchDevelop, working through tutorials where they created drawings and built games similar to Flappy Bird. 

"Time will tell in terms of how many we managed to hook onto this thing," he said. "But for all of those that brought their devices, they can go back onto the bus today and keep coding. It follows them because we managed to put coding straight into their devices."

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Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor

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