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Altered High School Yearbook Photos Spark Controversy

A high school's controversial decision to airbrush yearbook photos of girls who were “in violation of the dress code" has upset students, parents and rape-recovery advocates.

No portraits of male students were doctored, according to The Associated Press. Yet the photos of at least seven girls in Utah's Wasatch High School yearbook were altered to cover skin and in one case, erase a student’s tattoo. The young women were not informed ahead of time that their phtoos would be modified.

<the photos="" of="" at="" least="" seven="" girls="" in="" wasatch="" high="" school's="" yearbook="" were="" altered="" without="" notice="" to="" add="" sleeves="" tank="" tops,="" raise="" necklines="" and="" one="" case,="" cover="" up="" a="" student’s="" tattoo.="" no="" portraits="" male="" students="" doctored,="" the="" associated="" press="" reported.

Read the full NBC News story.

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