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This is a fun game for exercising students' higher-level thinking skills. It's a nice reward activity, too!
Lesson Objective: To solve word problems involving time with the sport of hockey.
Students will learn the fundamentals of 'How-to' writing by engaging in hands-on activities through customized 'How-to' kits.
Students use the country names that match the latitude and longitude points to help them solve the riddle.
Lesson Objective: To write an informational piece explaining what was learned about snow
Students will have a deeper understanding of the Reconstruction Era, including the struggles faced by the nation.
10 lesson plans for teaching about the Holocaust. Included: Activities that involve students in creating time lines and ABC books, writing poetry and...
Lesson Objective: To read the book, Snow, and answer questions about the story
By the end of this lesson, students will be able to identify and explain different types of chemical reactions through hands-on activities.
Lesson Objective: To answer questions based on a bar graph