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Lesson Plan: Football - Writing

Subject:  Writing

Grade: 3

Lesson Objective: To write the rest of the story based on the chapter read from Touchdown Kid student handout.

Common Core StandardCCSS.ELA-LITERACY.W.3.3- Write narratives to develop real or imagined experiences or events using effective technique, descriptive details, and clear event sequences.




  • Do you ever spend time making up your own stories?  What is the best part of that?  (Allow the students to answer.)



  • Making up stories can be a lot of fun.  It is fun and exciting to make up characters and the things that happen to them.
  • Making up a story can be fun, but it can also be difficult to think of names for characters and things that happen to them. 
  • One way to be able to make up a story without having to think of everything is to write what happens next in a story.  You could do this with a story like “Little Red Riding Hood” and explain what happens after Little Red Riding Hood runs away instead of being eaten by the wolf.
  • When writing what happens next in a story that someone else wrote, it is important to notice the characteristics of the characters and the setting of the story.  That is important because then you can keep the characteristics and the setting the same as you write more of the story.
  • You should keep all of those details in mind when you are figuring out what you want to have happen next in the story. 
  • You can keep the story going the same way that the author had it, or you can change it and make something completely different happen as long as the setting and the characteristics of the characters stay the same.
  • You are going to be writing what you think happened next with Liam and Cory from Touchdown Kid.  If you need to, you can go back and read the excerpt that you we read before you start writing.
  • Does anyone have any questions?



  • Who would like to share the story that you wrote?  (Allow the students to share.)

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