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Lesson Plan: Football - Reading

Subject:  Reading

Grade: 3

Lesson Objective: To read an excerpt from a book about football and then answer questions about that excerpt

Common Core StandardCCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RL.3.1- Ask and answer questions to demonstrate understanding of a text, referring explicitly to the text as the basis for the answers.




  • What do you know about football?  (Allow the students to answer.)



  • Today we are going to be talking about football.  Raise your hand if you like to watch or play football. 
  • Football is a game that is played by two teams against each other.  The teams each want to get the football from one side of a football field to the other. 
  • They do this by having the quarterback throw the ball to another player.  Those players then run down the field holding the ball.  The players on the other team try to tackle the player holding the ball and running.
  • Football, just like other sports, is a game in which the players need to work together and depend on each other.
  • We are going to be reading a part of a chapter in a book about football.  The part of the chapter is called an excerpt.
  • While I read the excerpt to you, I would like you to be thinking about what part football plays in the story.  (Read the excerpt)
  • After hearing the excerpt, what do you think?  How do you feel about the story?  (Allow the students to answer)
  • I am going to give you a worksheet that has questions about the excerpt that I read to you.  I will also be giving you a copy of the excerpt so that you can read it to yourself.
  • After you have finished reading the excerpt of the chapter again and doing the worksheet, we will talk about your answers.
  • Does anyone have any questions?



  • Who would like to share your answers?  (Allow the students to share.)

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Written by Kimberly Greacen, Education World® Contributing Writer

Kimberly is an educator with extensive experience in curriculum writing and developing instructional materials to align with Common Core State Standards and Bloom's Taxonomy.

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