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Spice Up Your Spelling Lessons

Are you looking for ways to spice up boring old spelling routines? This week, Education World offers five activities to help you do just that! Included: A weekly spelling plan and spelling games too!


Can your students spell the word prospicience? Can they even say it? (For that matter, can you?) That was the word that 13-year-old Pratyush Buddiga spelled to win the 2002 National Spelling Bee!

We dont claim that this weeks lessons will turn your students into national spelling champions, but the lessons do aim to help you "spice up spelling in your classroom!


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Check out this weeks lessons below. Click on each of the five lesson headlines for a complete teaching resource.

Earn Spelling Points
More than 20 activities for spicing up your weekly spelling lessons. (K-8)

Detective Spellcheck Game
Invite students to hunt for spelling errors in this game of spelling skill and quick reaction. (K-8)

Spelling Takes a Hit
Put the "active back in spelling active-ities with this fun game. (K-5)

Speedy Spelling Bee
Teams of students work together in this spelling bee with a twist. (K-12)

Soccer Spelling
Students move closer to the soccer goal with each correctly spelled word. (K-5)


Spell Check offers this fun spelling game that challenges students to find the incorrectly spelled word in groups of four words.

Spelling and Vocabulary Plans
Discover games and activities for spelling practice.

National Spelling Bee Word Lists
Looking for challenging words for your students? See round-by-round word lists from the 2002 National Spelling Bee.

Spellchecker Poem
This fun poem, which has been making the rounds of Internet mailing lists, emphasizes why computer spellcheckers do not really replace solid spelling skills.

Alan Cooper's Homonym List
Searching for the ultimate list of homophones for a "Homophone Spelling Bee? This is your source!

Online Scrabble Games
This issue of Surfing the Net with Kids offers a list of online Scrabble games.