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Shaving Cream Spelling

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  • Arts & Humanities
    Language Arts


K-2, 3-5

Brief Description

Engage students in spelling practice by having them write their spelling words in shaving cream.


  • practice their spelling words by writing them in shaving cream.
  • correct mistakes if they spell words wrong.


spelling, tactile, hands-on

Materials Needed

  • spelling word list
  • shaving cream
  • paper towels

Lesson Plan

All students will love this spelling activity. Students who learn in tactile (hands-on) ways will benefit most!

Squirt each student's desktop with shaving cream. Have the students spread an even layer of the cream over their desks. Call out spelling words one at a time and have students spell those words by writing in the cream. Students will master spelling words and clean their desks while having a great time!


This activity will provide hands-on practice to help students achieve scores of at least 80 percent on the weekly spelling tests.

Submitted By

Catina Stewart, Albertville (Alabama) Elementary School

Originally published 09/05/2002
Last updated 02/26/2008

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