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Five Lesson Plans for Easter:
Just Add the Eggs!


Looking for a teaching theme to welcome spring? Toss eggs into the curriculum mix. Eggs can be used to teach skills in math, geography, science and art.  Included: Five lessons.

Did you know that the average American consumes more than 20 dozen eggs a year? (That figure is down from more than 400 eggs a year in 1945!) Did you know that U.S. farms produced more than 73 billion eggs last year? Do you know which five states produce the most eggs? You can learn those facts and more on the U.S. Egg Industry Fact Sheet from the American Egg Board.

No question about it! Eggs are an important part of our modern diet. They also can be used to teach a wide variety of curriculum areas.


Want More?

Find additional ideas for mixing eggs into your curriculum in the following lessons from Education World's archive of resources:

Why All the EGGS-citement About EGGS?

String Eggs

Healthy Teeth: A Hands-On Science "Eggs-periment"

The Classroom Easter Egg Hunt

15 Relays for Field Days: "Chicken Relay" and "Spoon Zoom"

20 Field Day Activities Any Kid Can Do: "Diving for Eggs" and "Egg Toss"

Making Baked Ice Cream

Eggshell People

How Long Does It Take Food to Spoil?

Egg Babies: Can They Keep Teens from Having Real Babies?

The five lessons below, and the lessons listed in the endbar at the bottom of this article, are a great starting point for using eggs to teach lessons across the curriculum.

While you're at it, how about tossing in a little egg history? You can do that by reading aloud the White House Easter Egg Roll History and asking questions to test students' listening comprehension.


This week, Education World provides five Easter and egg-themed lessons. Click each of the five lesson headlines below for a complete teaching resource. (Appropriate grade levels for each lesson appear in parentheses.)

Extreme Egg Hunt
Students draw and read maps that lead to hidden eggs. (Grades K-8)

Experimenting Fun
A hands-on experiment teaches about density. Plus 10 more egg experiments! (Grades Pre K-8)

Use egg-based paints to make a colorful window display. (Grades Pre K-12)

Math With Jelly Eggs
Jelly eggs (or jellybeans) help teach estimation, place value, graphing, rounding, computation and probability. (Grades 3-12)

Egg-Carton Art Exhibit
Recycle egg cartons by turning them into art! (Grades Pre-K-8)


Following are a few more lesson ideas:


Updated 4/9/2019