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Brush Up Those Study Skills:
An Online Scavenger Hunt

The Fact Monster is a great Internet fact resource for kids of all ages. This week, Education World has created three scavenger hunts using this terrific online resource. Each hunt challenges students to find interesting facts about the world they live in -- while they practice and improve their study skills. Included: A different "hunt" for kids in grades 1-3, 4-5, and 6-up.

It's time to brush up on those study skills. And Fact Monster is a great online resource for doing just that.

Fact Monster Hunts

If your students enjoy doing these Fact Monster hunts, you might like to know that Education World has designed a series of weekly hunts that will challenge students to build research skills and cultural literacy as they learn about a wide variety of topics. Our Hunt Fact Monster printable work sheets are ideally suited for use in your classroom computer center, in technology classes, or as a parent-and-students-together homework assignment. Click the link above to find a series of weekly work sheets designed for students in grades 2 to 4 and another series for students in grades 4 to 8.

This week, Education World offers three teaching masters for teachers across the grades to use to help students brush up on their study skills -- using a search engine, using an index, looking for key words, skimming text for information, and more -- while they learn interesting facts about the world around them!


Creative teachers might use this week's Education World teaching masters in many different ways:
  • Have individual students complete a teaching master on their own in a computer lab setting. Students might do the activity as a "surfing competition." The first student to answer all ten questions correctly is the winner.
  • Post the teaching master activity as a learning center for students to complete during the week. Students sign up for two half-hour blocks on the computer. How many correct answers can they find in the allotted time?
  • Set up a teaching master as a spare-time activity, an activity to challenge students who complete their assigned work early. Award students points for each correct response. The student with the most points at the end of the week earns a reward.
  • Divide students into teams of three who will work together at a computer. Team members discuss each question on the teaching master and decide which key word/words they will use to find the answer to the question. One member of the team does data entry; that person decides which key word(s) will be plugged into the search engine and does the keyboarding. The "researcher" looks over the list of resources that come up as a result of the search and, with the assistance of the other team members, decides which pages to view first. A third member of the team, the "recorder," records the answer to each question and where that answer was found.

Those are just a few of the many ways to use these Education World teaching masters. Of course, you may adapt these teaching tools to provide students with valuable study skills instruction and practice.

Choose the teaching master that's best for your students:

The online version of Fact Monster is a valuable teaching tool. But no classroom should be considered complete if it doesn't include the shelf version of this great resource. Read a review of that book and find another great activity in the Education World story, Summer BOOK-TIVITIES #2.


Article by Gary Hopkins
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