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On-Line Almanac Scavenger Hunt #3

DIRECTIONS: Students will use the on-line Fact Monster Almanac to hunt for the answers to each of the questions below.

1. When were the first of Aesop's fables written? ___________________

2. Weather scientists use a "wind chill factor" formula to figure out the effect of winds on temperature. Using the wind chill factor formula, what is the wind chill if the temperature is 20 degrees Fahrenheit with winds blowing 40 miles per hour? _____________

3. What does the Latin phrase pro bono mean? ________________________________________

4. How many miles long is the Great Wall of China? ____________

5. You all know that the dove is a symbol of peace. What is the crane a symbol of in some Asian countries? ___________________________

6. When might you hear the Miranda warning? _______________________________________________________

7. What is the largest island in the world? _______________

8. King Henry VIII of England was married six times. What happened to his second wife (Ann Boleyn) and his fifth wife (Catherine Howard)? _____________________________

9. What well-known storybook was written by L. Frank Baum? ________________________________

10. How many miles of highway does the U.S. interstate highway system include? _______________

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