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On-Line Almanac Scavenger Hunt #1

DIRECTIONS: Students will use the on-line Fact Monster to hunt for the answers to each of the questions below.

1. How fast -- in miles per hour (mph) -- can a zebra run? _____________________

2. On what date in 1969 did Neil Armstrong take human's first steps on the moon? ____________________

3. It was hot, hot, hot in Death Valley, California, on July 10, 1913. That was the hottest day ever in the United States! What was the temperature that day? __________ degrees Fahrenheit

4. Where does an albatross lay its eggs? ______________________________________________________

5. A young dog is called a pup. A young cat is called a kitten. What is a young whale called? _____________

6. On which continent does the hyena live? _______________

7. What is the highest mountain in the United States? _______________

8. George Washington was born on February 22. In which year was he born? __________

9. In which year was the toy called Slinky invented? ________

10. What are the colors of the three stripes in the flag of Mexico? ________

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