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Community Clean Up

Subject: Language Arts
Grade: 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

Brief Description

Students identify community areas filled with trash and work together to clean those areas.



  • research community areas that have problems with trash.
  • develop a plan for removing the trash.
  • work together to remove trash.


Earth Day, trash, litter, community, clean up, environment

Materials Needed

  • local newspaper and/or community or municipal Web sites
  • paper
  • pens or pencils
  • large plastic trash bags
  • gloves
  • chalkboard and chalk
  • computer(s) with word processing and Internet access (optional)
  • camera (optional)

Lesson Plan

This project should be completed over several lessons. The teacher decides the length of time needed to complete the project; the length of the project depends on the ages and abilities of the students. If required by your school, students need parents' permission to participate in the project.

Lesson 1

  • Discuss public areas in your community that have problems with trash or litter, such as vacant lots, parks, riverbanks. Write students' ideas on the board.
  • Have students research information about those areas, using local newspapers and/or community or municipal Web sites. If Internet access is not available, have students use library sources to learn about the areas.

Lesson 2

  • Have students compile the information they found into a brief report. Discuss the findings.
  • Have students discuss steps they should take to organize a clean up, such as contacting the appropriate agency or owner of the area, getting permission for the clean up, gathering clean-up materials, such as trash bags and gloves.

Lesson 3 Clean-up day at the site: Distribute the clean-up materials. Organize students into small groups to remove trash from different areas of the site.

Suggestion: If a camera is available, take "before" and "after" pictures of the area.

Extension: Have students write their reactions to or feelings about the project.


  • Idea 1: Have students clean litter from areas of the school building or school grounds.
  • Idea 2: Have students clean yards for elderly or disabled residents in your community.


Evaluate students' participation in the project.

Lesson Plan Source

Education World

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Lois Lewis

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