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Tell a Story!

Subject: Foreign Language
Grade: 6-8, 9-12, adult

Brief Description

Students relate a folktale from their native countries, then write and illustrate the folktale.


Students learn about other cultures as they practice speaking and writing in English.


ESL, EFL, second language, folktales, storytelling, writing

Materials Needed

Folktales from Around the World or other online or print sources of folktales; paper; pencils; crayons or markers

Lesson Plan

  • Read aloud to students examples of one or two folktales from other lands.
  • Discuss how the folktales relate to the culture of the countries of origin.
  • Ask each student to tell a folktale from his or her native country.
  • Have each student write and illustrate his or her folktale.
Extension: Students might visit an elementary school to relate their folktales and discuss the cultures of their countries with the students.


Evaluate students' oral and written presentations.

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Education World

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Originally published 02/19/2001
Last updated 03/17/2009