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Who Am I?

Subject: Foreign Language
Grade: 6-8, 9-12, adult

Brief Description

Students write an eight-line autobiographical poem.


Students explore poetry and practice writing English as they become acquainted with fellow students.


ESL, EFL, poetry, autobiography, second language

Materials Needed

personal photographs, drawings, or mementoes representing the life and/or interests of each student; Persona-Poems samples and template (available online)

Lesson Plan

  • Ask students to bring in photos or mementoes, collect pictures from magazines, and/or draw pictures of things that are self-representative.
  • Discuss with students the examples of Persona-Poems provided. Point out the contents and structure.
  • Provide students with a persona poem template, and ask each student to write a poem about himself or herself.
Extension: Have students combine their poems, pictures, mementoes, and drawings into a collage.


Evaluate students on the language skills demonstrated in the poems.

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Originally published 02/19/2001
Last updated 03/17/2009