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Lesson: Terms of office


Language Arts



Brief description

Students create a classroom dictionary of election terms.


Students choose from a list of 100 election-related words and 50+ election cliches. They create a dictionary page for some of those words/terms. (This activity can be completed in small groups; each group might be responsible for adding a specified number of words/terms to the glossary.)


election, dictionary, glossary

Materials needed

computers with Internet access or printouts of the list of words/terms from the source

Lesson plan

Encourage students to explore the Election comic strip at Vocabulary University. Then use our list of election terms. Distribute the terms as evenly as possible among the students, and ask them to write definitions for and illustrate each word they receive. Combine all the words and clichs into an election dictionary. Encourage students to add additional words or phrases as the current campaign progresses.


The compiled classroom dictionary might be placed on display in the school library.

Lesson plan source

Election comic strip

Submitted By

Linda Starr


Last updated 2/28/2016