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Holocaust Pictures Exhibition

Subject: Social Sciences, Language Arts
Grade:6-8, 9-12

Brief Description
Featured Graphic Students view selected online pictures about the Holocaust and write their reactions.


Students use their knowledge about the Holocaust to write reactions to specific pictures about this period.


Holocaust, Nazi, concentration camp, picture, photograph, poster, World War II

Materials Needed

photographs from Holocaust Pictures Exhibition and Holocaust Photographs can be printed if online access is unavailable to students.

Lesson Plan

Explain to students that they will view some pictures that were taken at different places during the Holocaust. Have students discuss the pictures and write their reactions and answers to the questions about the pictures from the sources below. If Internet access is not available to everyone, distribute printouts of the pictures to students.

Sachsenhausen Prisoners Under Guard
What emotions do you think the men are feeling? Do you think the weather is warm or cold? Why?

Sachsenhausen Prisoners in Mess Hall
What do you think the men are eating? Do you think they are eating quickly or slowly? Why? How do you think they are feeling?

Himmler Inspects Mauthausen
How do the men in this picture compare to the prisoners? How are they walking?

Prisoners of Auschwitz Greet Their Liberators
Why are the men smiling in this picture? How does this picture compare with the other pictures of prisoners? What do you think will happen next?

Note: The two Web sites from which these photos have been selected include many other photos. If you choose to view other photographs from the collections at Holocaust Pictures Exhibition or Holocaust Photographs & Maps, be sure to screen them; many pictures in these collections are very graphic.


Teacher evaluates students written reactions and responses.

Lesson Plan Source

Education World

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Lois Lewis

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Social Sciences:

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Originally published 06/12/2000
Last updated 03/17/2009