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The ABCs of the Holocaust

Subject:Language Arts, Educational Technology, World History
Grade:6-8, 9-12

Brief Description
Having students make an ABC book is a great way of teaching about any topic. In this activity, each student might work on a single letter of the alphabet as the class creates an ABC book, or small groups of students might create A to Z books. Students can use online or library resources to complete the activity. A list of online resources is included.


Students will research sources to select words, such as terms, place names, or people names, for each letter of the alphabet to best convey the history of the Holocaust.


Holocaust, ABC, research

Materials Needed


Lesson Plan

Students will use library and/or online resources to research and locate important terms, place names, or people names related to the history of the Holocaust. Students might work on their own, in small groups, or as a class to create Holocaust ABC books -- one entry or more for each letter. For each entry, students write a definition that includes historical background and provide an illustration. They might use online maps or photo sources too. When the authors finish their projects, they have an opportunity to share the books and what they learned with the class. The following online resources might be useful with this activity.

  • Holocaust Glossary from the Simon Wiesenthal Center
  • Holocaust Glossary from
  • Vocabulary for Holocaust Literature Circles


    Students will share their ABC books and provide background information on unique entries in their books. Teachers will assess the quality of student research.

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    Education World

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    Gary Hopkins

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    Originally published 06/12/2000
    Links last updated 03/28/2006