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Civil War Time Line

Subject:Social Sciences, Ed. & Technology
Grade:6-8, 9-12

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Students use suggested online or library sources to create time lines of various events that took place during the Civil War.


Students sequence events in chronological order. Students demonstrate research skills using the Internet and library sources.


Civil War, Abraham Lincoln, time line, Confederate, Union, battles, slavery, slave

Materials Needed

computers with Internet access or student-researched library materials about the Civil War, teacher-made work sheet or paper, pens or pencils, PowerPoint program (optional)

Lesson Plan

Divide the class into small groups. Have students create time lines about aspects of the Civil War using student-researched library sources or these suggested sites.

  • The History Place Presents a Nation Divided: The U.S. Civil War 1861-1865
  • Time Line of the Civil War, 1861
  • The American Civil War Homepage
  • CWSAC Battle Summaries
  • This Week in the Civil War

    Variation: If you have access to PowerPoint, have students create their time lines as PowerPoint presentations.


    Have students present their completed time lines to the class.

    Lesson Plan Source

    Education World

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    Originally published 06/05/2000
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