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Joe Martin

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Its Not About Us
We can keep doing what were doing and getting the same results, or we can change our school by changing our attitude toward our job.

Dont Get Teacher Amnesia
Its difficult to remember the blessings of teaching when were constantly bombarded with the burdens of teaching. I call that affliction teacher amnesia.

Teach Outside Your Comfort Zone
Comfort is comfortable, but its not the goal. The goal is constant and never-ending improvement.

Teach It Forward and Reap It Forever
Sometimes the smallest gifts are the greatest gifts. I should know, because my physical education teacher made an impact on my life that I have never forgotten.

Teach in the Now
Lets make a pledge to adopt a now mentality, and leave the delay tactics to the bureaucrats.

Go for Your Teaching Goals
Persuade yourself to buy what youre selling by overexposing yourself to your own commercial. And what are you trying to sell yourself? Your teaching goals!

Teachers Must Earn Students Respect
That is one of the most basic principles of successful teaching -- and one of the most difficult lessons for new teachers to learn: to get respect from students, you have to earn it.

First Things First on the First Day of School
Do you think you can show students how learning reading, writing, math, science -- whatever skills you teach -- can help them achieve some of their goals and relieve some of their stress? Hey, its worth a shot.

Who Said You Have to Change?
Theres nothing wrong with making mistakes; the problem is when we fail to correct those mistakes based on stubbornness, ignorance, fear, pride, or even anger. Whenever I find myself guilty of that, I describe it as being "stuck on stupid.

Medicate to Educate
What do I tell those teachers who ask me for my secret to staying motivated in the classroom? I tell them to "get medicated." But what Im referring to isnt a prescription; its more of a philosophy. Its the secret weapon I like to call "the medicine cabinet.

A Little Change Will Do You Good!
I believe we have three choices when it comes to responding to change: we either can get up (do something about it and learn from it), give up (throw in the towel), or shut up (accept it for what it is).

What Are You Paying Attention To?
I tell my friends when they question my sanity (which is quite often) concerning teaching and my ability to maintain a positive attitude, ‘I have a simple choice: I either can focus on whining about teaching or I can focus on winning as a teacher.

Imitate to Motivate
Think back and remember your favorite teacher. Reflect on everything about that teacher that made you admire and respect him or her. Now, I want you to pretend to be your favorite teacher for at least one week this month.

More Who, Less What
One of best lessons I learned in my early years of teaching was to focus on WHO we teach, not just on WHAT we teach. Now, dont get me wrong. WHAT we teach is vitally important to our students success, as well as our schools success. But sacrificing the WHO for the WHAT is just plain criminal.

Raise Your Standards
We as teachers already face enough negativity from the public and media without having to worry about dissention and tension within our own ranks. This month, therefore, Im asking you to "raise your standards" when it comes to your colleagues.

I Owe, You Owe, We Owe
My question to you this month is, "How much do you owe your favorite teacher?" If your favorite teacher was anything like mine, Im sure he or she would say, "Just pay your students what you think you owe me."

Teach Like Every Day Is Christmas
The night before every new school year, I get to be a child again by re-living Christmas Eve. Because when I arrive on the first day of school, I have approximately 25 to 30 gifts waiting to be opened. And theyre ALL mine.

About the Author

Professor Joe Martin is an award-winning educator, trainer, and author of several books, including Good Teachers Never Quit, When Students Just Wont Listen, and Tricks of the Grade. Regarded as Americas Top Educator Motivator," he speaks, trains, and consults with more than 50 school districts a year in the area of teacher retention and student motivation/behavior issues. Joe supports teachers through his family of Web sites at NewTeacherUniversity, RealWorld University, and Teacher Pay Raise. Click here to read his complete bio.