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Imitate to Motivate

They say that imitation is the greatest form of flattery. Well, if thats true, this month I want you to NOT be yourself; I want you to pretend to be someone else. I know thats totally opposite of what youve been taught. Dont imitate anyone, just be yourself. Well, thats good advice, but its not totally accurate advice.

I once read a sign that said, Be yourself, only better! I love that quote, and thats exactly what I want you to be this monthbetter. I want you to imitate and model someone whos better than you (in the classroom).

As much success as youve already achieved (and I congratulate you), I want you to think back and remember your favorite teacher (i.e., the one who inspired you to teach and set the bar for what you considered a good teacher to be).

I want you to reflect on everything you remember about that favorite teacher that made you admire and respect him or her. Was it her smile? How about his attitude or optimism? Was it her level of energy? Was it his creativity? Was it her love and passion for teaching? Was it his compassion for others?

About the Author

Professor Joe Martin is an award-winning educator, trainer, and author of several books, including Good Teachers Never Quit, When Students Just Wont Listen, and Tricks of the Grade. Regarded as Americas Top Educator Motivator," he speaks, trains, and consults with more than 50 school districts a year in the area of teacher retention and student motivation/behavior issues. Joe supports teachers through his family of Web sites at NewTeacherUniversity, RealWorld University, and Teacher Pay Raise. Click here to read his complete bio.

Now, I want you to pretend to be your favorite teacher for at least one week this month. Just ask yourself:

  • How would Mr/s. _______ think today?
  • How would Mr/s. _______ feel about my students today?
  • How would Mr/s. _______ do what Im about to do today?
  • How would Mr/s. _______ spend his or her time today?
  • How would Mr/s. _______ treat others today?

I want you to model your favorite teacher and really become that teacher for one full week. It will probably freak out most of your students and colleagues (if your personality is radically different), but what itll do for your confidence and attitude will be well worth it. Also, it can be a lot of fun, so dont take yourself too seriously.

So this month, try motivation through imitation. And as always, teach with passion, and remember to practice what you teach!

Article by Joe Martin
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