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Best Idea Ever: Smiles for Understanding

Education World's Best Idea Ever feature highlights a favorite teacher-tested idea designed to help you teach a lesson, manage a classroom, communicate with parents, impress colleagues and administrators—and amaze them all with your energy and creativity! 

For a teacher, determining an individual student's understanding of a homework assignment can be difficult. Did the student do the work alone, with a little adult help and encouragement, or with significant parental input? Check your students' understanding of homework assignments by asking them to evaluate their own work with "smiley faces." Ask students to draw on their papers.

  • a face with a mouth curved upwards into a smile for "I understood the assignment and I did it all by myself."
  • a face with a straight line for a mouth for "I tried my best, but I needed some help to finish the assignment."
  • a face with a mouth curved down into a frown for "Help! I didn't understand the assignment at all!"

-From an anonymous contributor

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