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Each year, the U.S. Department of Education publishes volumes of practical content for educators. Most of that content is in the public domain. Education World has selected to reprint here some of the most practical content available from Department of Education sources. Click a link below for valuable resources and information.

Teaching Children With ADHD
This ten-part guide outlines strategies that have proven successful in educating children with ADHD. By incorporating these techniques into their everyday practices, teachers will improve the performance of students with ADHD and enhance the learning environment for all students. Topics include:

  • Identifying Children With ADHD
  • An Overall Strategy for the Instruction of Children With ADHD
  • Successful Instruction: Introducing Lessons
  • Successful Instruction: Conducting Lessons
  • Successful Instruction: Concluding Lessons
  • Successful Instruction: Individualizing Instruction -- Language Arts
  • Successful Instruction: Individualizing Instruction -- Mathematics
  • Organizational/Study Skills Useful for Children With ADHD
  • Behavioral Intervention Techniques for Children With ADHD
  • Classroom Accommodations for Children With ADHD
  • References

    Reducing Behavior Problems in the Elementary School Classroom
    This guide will help elementary school educators develop and implement effective strategies that promote positive student behavior. The guide includes concrete recommendations, ways in which each recommendation might be carried out, and recognized roadblocks to implementation of each recommendation.

  • Introduction
  • Overview
  • Scope of This Practice Guide
  • Recommendation 1: Identify Specifics of Problem Behavior
  • Recommendation 2: Modify the Learning Environment
  • Recommendation 3: Teach and Reinforce New Skills
  • Recommendation 4: Draw on Relationships With Colleagues, Families
  • Assess School-Wide Behavior Problems
  • Appendix A: What Is a Practice Guide?
  • Appendix B: About the Authors
  • Appendix C: Potential Conflicts of Interest
  • Appendix D: Technical Information on the Studies
  • References