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EducationWorld Book Reviews

EducationWorld Book Reviews


Book Review: Teaching Generation Text
Teachers who are tired of treating cell phones as the enemy may want to try enhancing curriculum to make the devices their friends. With Teaching Generation Text as a roadmap, Grade 5-12 educators looking to infuse technology into instruction will find themselves well equipped. 

Book Review: Batman Math
Illustrated with kids' favorite characters from Gotham City, this Batman-themed workbook is filled with exercises that supplement student learning. The math disciplines covered in the book include improper fractions, mixed numbers, long multiplication and division as well as rounding decimals and others.

Book Review: Digital Storytelling
Midge Frazel brings the craft of storytelling to today's classrooms with her Web 2.0 walk-through Digital Storytelling Guide for Educators. The title helps teachers support students as they use current technologies to build the skills they'll need to conquer multimedia presentations in college and eventually, the workforce.

Book Review: Child-Sized History
Child-Sized Historyexamines the widespread use of historical novels in the classroom, and the impact of these books on children’s understanding of history.

Book Review: Round & Round Together
Round and Round Together brings issues of the day to life by featuring archival photos from newspapers and other sources, personal photos from the family albums of individuals interviewed for the book, and a timeline of major civil rights events.

Book Review: Moving the Classroom Outdoors
Teaching inside closed classrooms removes students from the world around them. Accordingly, research shows that combining indoor and outdoor learning leads to improved academic achievement for students.

Book Review: Diploma Matters
This title is a practical guide to implementing school reform strategies that tackle the achievement gap, allowing all students to succeed.

Book Review: Getting Started With Lego Robotics
With this title, teachers will learn what student robotics activities look like, how to begin and how to manage a class.

Book Review: Eyewitness to the Past
This is a great resource that puts a unique spin on history lessons, allowing kids to analyze personal, firsthand accounts of historical events.

Book Review: Dealing With Difficult Parents
This book discusses tactics for winning parents over, developing a positive relationship and delivering bad news. It also provides guidance for how educators should respond when they’re accused of being unfair.

Book Review: Stray Dogs, Saints and Saviors
This title is definitely worth a read, especially since the book reads more like a thriller than your run-of-the-mill school turnaround story.

Book Review: Well Spoken
This book not only offers strategies and a curriculum for teaching speaking at all grade levels, it also makes the case for why speaking should be taught.

Book Review: Getting In!
A great addition to guidance-office bookshelves, this title delves into all aspects of college selection, applications and decisions.

Book Review: Battling Boredom
Students yawning in class? Battling Boredom is a great resource for helping educators mix things up while still covering key content.


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