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Internet Scavenger Hunt: Inventors and Inventions
celebrate the world of inventions and inventors with two brand-new scavenger hunts created by Hazel Jobe!

Dive into Learning: Swim With the Seals!
Put your students in touch with the real scientists at WhaleNet.


Mount Wilson Observatory
The Mount Wilson Observatory in Mount Wilson, California, maintains this site and offers an exceptional series of up-to-date images, sensor readings, and interactive demonstrations.  EW Review






Have You Heard? Noise Can Affect Learning!
"Noise education" should be part of the school curriculum; kids should know how to protect their ears from harm.

Zona Land
Zona Land was created by high school math and physics teacher Ed Zobel to provide students with a different approach to the study of mathematical sciences and physics.  EW Review

Greatest Engineering Achievements of the 20th Century
The Greatest Engineering Achievements of the 20th Century chronicles the technological accomplishments of the century that helped shape our world today. EW review

Access Excellence
This is a great resource for high school biology and other science teachers. The site includes links to other science discipline and mathematics resources. EW review

The Jason Project
The site was setup as an educational program to allow teachers and students to take part in global explorations. EW review

Science Learning Network
Composed of a group of educators, students, schools, science museums and other institutions whose goal is to examine new approaches to inquiry science education. EW review

The Official String Theory Web Site
The site takes a difficult subject and explains it layman's terms. It includes string theory applications in cosmology and black holes. EW review

Einstein: Image and Impact
Background information on Albert Einstein, his life, his work and his ideas. EW Review

MathMol K-12 Activity Page
MathMol is a fascinating starting point for K-12 students and teachers interested in the field of molecular modeling and its application to mathematics. EW review

Stephen Hawking's Universe
"Where do we come from? How did the universe begin? Why is the universe the way it is? How will it end?"




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