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Internet Scavenger Hunt: Inventors and Inventions

Education World writer Hazel Jobe has created special Internet scavenger hunts that will have your students surfing the best on-line resources for fun facts about some famous and not-so-famous inventors and inventions. Included: Two hunts -- one for elementary age students and one for older students.

This week, Education World helps you celebrate the world of inventions and inventors with two brand-new scavenger hunts created by Hazel Jobe!

Hazel is the "inventor" of many popular Web-based scavenger hunts, including The Great American Egg Hunt and The Earth Day Challenge.

One of the invention scavenger hunts was designed to be used by elementary-school students. The other one was designed with middle- and high-school students in mind. Each question is linked to a Web site where students can find the answer to the question. Challenge your students to improve their surfing skills as they scan the sites for the answers to these scavenger hunt questions. Just click below on the hunt you wish to use!

Invention Scavenger Hunt for Young Students

Invention Scavenger Hunt for Older School Students

Click here for answer keys for the two hunts.

Article by Hazel Jobe
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