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Inventors and Inventions: Scavenger Hunt 1

DIRECTIONS: Read each question below. Each question includes a link to a Web site where you can find its answer. (You might need to surf the site a bit to find the answer.) Write the answer on the line.

  1. Academy for the Advancement of Science and Technology

    What does the site above say an "invention" is? Write your answer as a complete sentence that begins

    "An invention is ______________________________________________________



  2. Edison National Historic Site

    How many patents were granted to inventor Thomas Edison? ____________________

    What was his favorite invention? __________________________________________

    (Hint: If you have trouble finding the answer, you might look on the Frequently Asked Questions page. Remember -- Frequently Asked Questions is often abbreviated as FAQs.)

  3. The History of Invention

    How long did the first powered flight last? ______________________________________

    When and where did it take place? ___________________________________________


  4. National Inventors Hall of Fame

    Who invented the plow? ____________________________________________

  5. The History Channel

    What are the three tallest buildings in the United States?




  6. The Smithsonian Inventors and Innovations

    What was the name of a one-time actor who invented the sewing machine?


    What industry did his machine help start? __________________________________

  7. Benjamin Franklin: Glimpses of the Man

    Which one of Ben Franklin's inventions helped protect people, buildings, and ships from

    lightning? __________________________________________________

    Which of his inventions helped people measure distance? _______________________

  8. The American Experience: Forgotten Inventors

    Why did Levi Strauss "invent" blue jeans? ____________________________________


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