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S I T E     R E V I E W
May 1st, 2000

Mount Wilson Observatory

The Mount Wilson Observatory in Mount Wilson, California, maintains this site and offers an exceptional series of up-to-date images, sensor readings, and interactive demonstrations.

The Mount Wilson Observatory has high-quality graphics without the high-tech plug-ins! The front page has a spacey look that is appropriate for the content.

The site offers a variety of ways to navigate. Users can use the image map on the main page, browse the site map by using the handy forward and back arrows, or follow the menu buttons on the internal pages.

Teachers, students, and astronomy buffs in general will find this site an interesting resource for learning more about astronomy. Visitors will be able to take a Virtual Tour of the observatory through photographs and text. The handy map allows exploration of the individual sections of the tour. Students can take Constellation Quiz in the Education section or access information on interferometry and sunspots under Presentations. Each topic has diagrams and images that add understanding, and links to related Web sites are provided. Teachers can find information on the use of Telescopes in Education. That program allows students the use of a remote-controlled telescope in an interactive environment.