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MathMol K-12 Activity Page

MathMol is a fascinating starting point for K-12 students and teachers interested in the field of molecular modeling and its application to mathematics. This high-tech site includes a set of hypermedia textbooks for grades 3-12, image libraries of both 3-D geometric and molecular structures, plus tutorials and reviews.

Lots of great VRML animations and other graphics.

This is not a site for older computers, VRML plugins are required, and the 6-12 hypermedia textbook uses frames. The main page is the index to the site; bookmark it when using the textbooks as they don't link back to previous pages. The site can be slow loading for modem users, but well worth the wait.

Here is a site that offers futuristic textbooks and other materials that teach about a fascinating subject. The site is being developed by the NYU/ACF Scientific Visualization Laboratory to help inspire young people to move toward careers in the fast-growing molecular modeling field. The site offers high-quality lessons in math as they relate to molecular structures. The textbooks are interactive and test the users' knowledge all along the way. The elementary-level textbook has a set of fairly short units for each grade 3 through 5. The intermediate/high-school textbook is much more extensive and has a large body of materials. Home school families will love the comprehensive nature of these lessons. A truly outstanding set of resources!