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Alsos Digital Library for Nuclear Issues
From the Manhattan Project to today’s issues of proliferation.
Grade Level: 9-12
The Alsos Digital Library for Nuclear Issues is a one-stop source for anything dealing with the study of nuclear issues, including arms control and proliferation, weapons programs of various countries, the Manhattan Project, and much more.

UN Multimedia
United Nations goes MTV – well, at least it goes multimedia!
Grade Level: Pre-K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12
This site is the news and media service site of the United Nations. It reports on topics of broad global interest such as military conflicts in the Middle East, economic development and humanitarian aid.

Avalon Arts Studio: Ideas for Teachers
Great ideas for art teachers in the form of “recipes.”
Grade Level: Pre-K-2, 3-5
This site offers ideas for all types of art including recipes, 3-D art, printmaking and more from an experienced art teacher.

The Science of Music
Super (sonic) section of the Exploratorium site!
Grade Level: Pre-K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12
The Science of Music explores the music of everyday things to the San Francisco Youth Orchestra through movies, questions, and online exhibits. This is a part of the Exploratorium site.

Autumn Leaf Scrapbook
Turn over a new one: online guide to leaf identification.
Grade Level: Pre-K-2, 3-5
The Autumn Leaf Scrapbook, produced by the Missouri Botanical Garden, examines deciduous trees, their changing colors, and how to identify them.

All Science Fair Projects
More than 500 science fair projects complete with instructions.
Grade Level: 3-5, 6-8, 9-12
This site offers a wide variety of experiments in every "discipline of science from chemistry, biology, physics to human psychology" with full instructions and explanations.

A National Institutes of Health curriculum supplement, free online.
Grade Level: 6-8, 9-12
The Mathematical Sciences Digital Library, MathDL, is published by the Mathematical Association of America and provides online resources for both teachers and students of mathematics.

Chemicals, the Environment, and You
A National Institutes of Health curriculum supplement, free online.
Grade Level: 6-8
The National Institutes of Health and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences present "Chemicals, and the Environment, and You." The site provides teachers a complete standards-based unit that introduces students to the relationship between chemicals in the environment and human health.

AMG All Music Guide
Monster informative site about music.
Grade Level: Pre-K-12
“The All Music Web site was created in 1995 as a place for music fans to indulge their passion.” It is a comprehensive music reference site that includes biographies, album and song reviews, style descriptions, and composition descriptions of all genres and styles of music. Registration (free) is required for some of the features.

About School.com
Nice site especially for parents and homeschooling parents.
Grade Level: Pre-K-12
About School.com has been on the Web for six years and offers parents, teachers, and students resources on a wide range of topics and school subjects including math, science, reading, and writing.

Balanced Assessment
Comprehensive nonpartisan site on the nation's top executive.
Grade Level: Pre-K-12
Balanced Assessment offers over three hundred mathematics assessment tasks for grades K-12 on a variety of topics. These tasks were developed through a ten-year program at Harvard University and are free to teachers.

American President
Comprehensive nonpartisan site on the nation's top executive.
Grade Level: Pre-K-12
The American President was created by the Miller Center of Public Affairs at the University of Virginia and bills itself as, "the most comprehensive non-partisan resource available on the history and function of the American presidency." Included are resources that teachers will find invaluable when teaching about the American presidency.