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November 2004

The Science of Music
Super (sonic) section of the Exploratorium site!
Grade Level: Pre-K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

The Science of Music explores the music of everyday things to the San Francisco Youth Orchestra through movies, questions, and online exhibits. This is a part of the Exploratorium site.
The content on this vibrant site is divided into three major sections: online exhibits, movies, and questions. Each area is accessed through a text link on the main page as well as graphic links. Internal pages have a top navigation bar. Macromedia Flash Player is needed.

“Some say music is where you find it. In fact, music is where it finds you.” This site gives adults as well as children the opportunity to compose, mix, and play with music in engaging, interactive ways. Visitors to the site can learn how opera singers can carry notes that seem to last forever, why some songs stick in your head, why you only hear the bass from the neighbor’s stereo and not the treble, and more. The exhibits allow users to compose music in a virtual kitchen, mix sounds and styles, join a live drum circle, and discover the origins of instruments. If that isn’t enough, the movies include a demonstration of stepping with the option of re-mixing the steps, an afternoon with Peter Whitehead and tuning with the San Francisco Youth Orchestra.


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