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Alsos Digital Library for Nuclear Issues
From the Manhattan Project to today’s issues of proliferation.
Grade Level: 9-12

The Alsos Digital Library for Nuclear Issues is a one-stop source for anything dealing with the study of nuclear issues, including arms control and proliferation, weapons programs of various countries, the Manhattan Project, and much more.
This user-friendly site has a top navigation bar and is fully searchable by keyword and media type. It also has links on the main page, organized into several different topics. The Library covers a lot of material and does it very well.

Anyone doing research on nuclear issues will find a wealth of material at the Alsos Digital Library for Nuclear Issues. The material can be browsed by category: Issues, concerns in the nuclear age; Science, nuclear science and technology; Disciplines, relevant academic disciplines; Warfare, topics in nuclear warfare; Places, locations of important events; and People, key figures in the atomic era. Visitors will find Historical and Scientific Overviews of the Atomic Age as well as references dealing with thousands of topics about nuclear issues, such as Arms Control, the Decision to Use the Atomic Bomb, Nuclear Accidents, Terrorism, Lasers, Nuclear Waste, and many more. The references (articles, books, films, CDs, and Web sites) contain detailed bibliographic information as well as annotations, describing the content of the reference to help you decide if it will be useful to your research. A nifty little feature is the ability to save your bibliography as you find helpful information.


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