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November 2004

Balanced Assessment
More than 300 free K-12 math assessments developed at Harvard.
Grade Level: Pre-K-12

Balanced Assessment offers over three hundred mathematics assessment tasks for grades K-12 on a variety of topics. These tasks were developed through a ten-year program at Harvard University and are free to teachers.
The main areas of the site are available in the top menu bar. Content is organized by letter and by number; both links are in the top navigation bar.

“Balanced Assessment in Mathematics was a National Science Foundation Project charged with developing new approaches to the assessment of mathematical competence in the elementary and secondary grades.” The site provides a wealth of assessment tasks that are ready to use, include rubrics and answers, and best of all they’re free! Busy math teachers will consider this a gold mine. The assessments cover grade levels K-12 and a variety of topics such as averages, addition, area, graphing, logarithms, rectangles, shapes, stock market, volume and much more. The tasks can be browsed by letter or by number. Teachers can obtain a password to access the scoring rubrics and solutions by ordering any of the inexpensive publications. Included at the site are articles that explain the approach to assessment and scoring and a downloadable MCAPS Scoring Tool.


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