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November 2004

Avalon Arts Studio: Ideas for Teachers
Great ideas for art teachers in the form of “recipes.”
Grade Level: Pre-K-2, 3-5

This site offers ideas for all types of art including recipes, 3-D art, printmaking and more from an experienced art teacher.
This artsy site is filled with a variety of textural backgrounds and is user friendly. The content is organized into ten categories of art types. The navigation menu is on the main page and internal pages link back to the homepage.

This is a site that any teacher or parent looking for children’s art activities will not want to miss. The art ideas are easily implemented at school or home with simple ideas and materials that can often be found in the home. There are ideas for printmaking, painting, watercolors, paper art, fall projects, 3-D art construction and more. Included are recipes for such art mediums as playdough, flubber and faux snow as well as a section on “non-messy art” that parents will find useful for rainy days. Additionally, there is a section of links to resources for art teachers.


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