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Social Sciences/History Work Sheet Library 9-12

The social science and history lessons below have been selected from the resources of Teacher Created Resources. (Click on the advertisement above for a complete catalog of Teacher Created Resources teacher-ready activities.) The lessons are arranged by grade; scroll down to find lessons for your level. Answer keys are provided below for lessons that require them.


Kwanzaa (multicultural education, holidays)

Baseball Parks (geography, reading comprehension)
ANSWERS: Check student maps for correctly labeled locations.

Immigration: Citizenship Test (citizenship, civics/government)
ANSWERS: 1. They represent the 13 original colonies. 2. England. 3. Legislative, Executive, and Judiciary. 4. Speaker of the House of Representatives. 5. Freed many slaves. 6. The Congress. 7. A democratic form of government (or, a Republic). 8. The Bill of Rights. 9. Freedom of speech/press/religion; peaceable assembly. 10;George Washington. 11. Nine. 12. Native Americans. 13. Germany, Italy, and Japan. 14. William Rehnquist. 15. 26. 16. 50. 17. Red stands for courage, white stands for truth, and blue stands for justice. 18. To make laws.

Secret Message Experiment (history, citizenship, civics/government)

China: Translating Confucius (language arts, China)

Geography and the Environment (geography, map reading, Native Americans)

Rebus Puzzle: Ancient History (solving puzzles)
ANSWERS: Solution to the puzzle is below the dotted line at the bottom of the worksheet. Fold the page along dotted line before making copies for students. Note: Rules information is missing; not crucial to complete worksheet.

Famous Olympians (history, sports)
ANSWERS: Famous Olympians: Check students' responses. Use the worksheet as a research activity. Question: THIS SURE IS THE PITS!

Ancient River Civilizations (history, reading comprehension)

Ancient Greece (geography, reading comprehension)
ANSWERS: 1. Answers will vary. Possible answers: responsible, ambitious, successful, brave, respected, caring (towards his son, and perhaps his wife, although the details are thin in that regard). 2. Answers will vary. Possible answers: narrow-minded, cruel, insensitive. 3. This land is very militaristic. The army (at least Commander Lear's portion) moves by foot. It does not value conventional education. Physical strength and stamina are prized almost to a fault. There would appear little room for opposing ideas. 4. Answers will vary.

Native American Basket Weaving (Native Americans, art, reading comprehension)
Suggestion: Use worksheet as a research activity or scavenger hunt.

Sandra Day O'Connor (citizenship)
ANSWERS: (Page 105). 1. justices. 2. chief. 3. president. 4. federal. 5. constitution. 6. foreign. 7. lower. 8. appeals. 9. appeal. 10. administrative. 11. district. 12. one. 13. trial. 14. cases.

Ancient Greece (history, reading comprehension)

Halloween: Building a Web (holidays, spiders)

Gettysburg Address (history, reading comprehension)

Louisiana Purchase (history, reading comprehension)
ANSWERS: (Page 15) The Louisiana Purchase Quiz 1. B. 2. B. 3. C. 4. C. 5. B. 6. C. 7. A. 8. D. 9. B. 10. D.

Consumerism Scavenger Hunt (economics, consumer education, research)

Stock Market (economics, money)
ANSWERS: Answer key provided on work sheet.

Women's History: Newspaper Article (history, language arts)

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