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WordPress for Student Writing Projects: Sample Thesis-Writing Lesson

EducationWorld is pleased to share a sample lesson from this resource by Erik Bean, Ed.D., and Emily Waszak, with the permission of Brigantine Media/Compass Publishing. The print edition (containing three lessons) is available on Amazon.

Student blogs are a great vehicle for helping students in middle school and high school learn collaborative writing skills, and WordPress software is a great tool for creating student blogs. As a way to share written work, student blogs can facilitate such writing processes as brain­storming, writing, rewriting, developing theses, preparing arguments, editing, fact checking and more. Blogs also can be used to engage students in many kinds of writing: infor­mational text essays with tracked online research, creative writing pieces such as short stories and poetry, or journalism pieces, including entire school newspapers.

In the downloadable PDF, find one complete lesson that guides you through using WordPress to teach students thesis writing. Also, get tips from a teacher who has used WordPress blogs successfully with students. The lesson includes an assessment rubric that shows the specific Common Core writing standards met, as well as a blueprint for how teachers can implement grade 9-12 standards in the classroom.


English Language Arts



Brief Description

This lesson emphasizes the value of constructing quality claims and arguments while refuting fallacies.

For Objectives, Materials Needed, Assessment and Common Core State Standards, download the PDF.


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