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Story Starter: The Adventures of Merlin the Tortoise 

merlin the tortoise

Use these fun and engaging digital "story starters" for motivating student writing.  Perfect for remote learning!

Each story starter includes the opening story lines with key characters followed by writing prompts to help students finish the story.

Have students finish the story: 

Opening Story lines:

  • Merlin is a tortoise who lives in a house with his people family.  One summer day, his family took Merlin outside so that he could get some fresh air and enjoy the warm sun.
  • Merlin’s family was playing outside while he walked around and explored the backyard. He found some delicious clover and dandelions to eat. When he was done, he laid in the grass to rest.
  • A chickadee flew down and sat on the ground next to Merlin. Merlin looked up in surprise as he had never seen a bird before. The chickadee said, “My name is Scarlet. Let’s go on an adventure together!”

On the next few slides, continue writing this story and explain what happened with Merlin and Scarlet.

Writing prompts:

    • Did Merlin go on an adventure with Scarlet?
    • What type of adventure did they go on?  What happened?
    • Add illustrations to help the reader envision the end of your story.

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    Written by Kimberly Greacen, Education World® Contributing Writer

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