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Students will develop map-reading skills and critical thinking as they explore the interactive tribal maps and appreciate the cultural diversity and...
Pennies can be used for everything from teaching probability to challenging students creativity.
Pre-written, Ready-to-Use Lesson & Student Worksheet. Learning Objective: To solve hockey word problems involving time.
Students will understand the concept of place value and be able to identify and represent the value of digits in a number. They will use hands-on...
Identify and discuss how Jacob and Olivia cooperated with each other. Explain and exemplify to the students how cooperating led to a better outcome.
Lesson Objective: To learn about the history of hockey and answer questions about what has been learned.
Hand out this printable student work sheet: Every-Day Edits: Martin Luther King Jr. Have students find errors of capitalization, punctuation,...
Teaching Tolerance Lessons: Teach About Dr. King's Dream of a World Where People Are Judged By Their Character, Not Their Skin Color.
Martin Luther King Jr.: More than 20 lessons for PreK-12.
Lesson Objective: To read a poem about winter and then answer questions about it