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Earth Day Lesson PlanIf your classroom seems like a zoo some days, don't worry. It's just the primal calls of students who need a captivating and engaging topic of study -- endangered species! This week, Education World puts the diversity of rare plants and animals to work in lessons that will tame the most ferocious of five- to fifteen-year-olds. Included: Five lessons that involve research, role-playing, and real-life creatures.

As their populations dwindle, the number of endangered and threatened species catalogued by groups like the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service continues to grow, drawing attention to the need for increased awareness about the plight of rare animals and plants. And because of their "wild" nature, students love endangered species. Take time out during this year's observance of Earth Day to focus on the rarest of gems -- endangered animals and plants -- with lessons that emphasize research and real-life!

Endangered Species Resource

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Tramline Virtual Field Trips
Discover how endangered species become endangered, find the meaning of "extinction," and learn about why we should care about the endangered species of our planet.


This week, Education World provides five lessons about endangered species. Click on each of the five lesson headlines below for a complete teaching resource. (Appropriate grade levels for each lesson appear in parentheses.)

Species Charades
Introduce young students to the variety of endangered species with a game of charades. (Grades PreK-2)

Tracking the Wild Ones
Use statistics about endangered species to learn more about the extent of this global concern. (Grades 3-8)

Web of Life
Investigate endangered species and how they impact the environment to complete a "web of life." (Grades 3-8)

Save the ___ Story Board
Play "webmaster" and design a site that will help to save an endangered species. (Grades 6-Advanced)

Illustrating Endangered Species
Form an art agency and try to secure the job of creating a book about endangered species for young children. (Grades 3-8)