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Bullying Lesson Plans


Education World offers ten lesson plans designed to teach students to respect diversity and resolve ideological differences peacefully. Included: Ten activities for teaching kids about empathy, anger management, and effective conflict resolution.

These lesson plans are just in time for Bullying Prevention Month (October). Or they are perfect for any other time of year when students need reinforcement about proper behavior and kindness.

Be sure to see Education World's special Bullying Archive for more resources and lesson planning ideas.

Kids Bullying Kids
Students anonymously complete a survey about their experiences with bullying, evaluate the results, and discuss solutions to the problem.

Coloring a Peaceful World
Students discuss conflict resolution techniques and color posters about those techniques.

The Average Kid
Students determine the traits they have in common with other students in the class and create a visual profile of the "average" boy and girl in the class.

Planet X
Students work together to create a Bill of Rights for a colony they are founding on a distant planet.

The Anger Suit
Children explore the nature of angry feelings.

Simon Says "Who Are You?"
Students play a variation of Simon Says that highlights their similarities and differences.

Understanding Needs and Feelings
Students learn about needs and feelings, then write an ending to a story showing how a child deals with his or her needs and feelings.

The Talking Stick
Students use a "talking stick" to practice listening and communicating.

Bullying Reality Quiz
Students take an online quiz about school violence and create their own quiz on bullying.

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Be sure to see Education World's Bullying archive.

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Originally published 09/21/2001
Last updated 08/27/2010