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Math: Fun Math Activities 3


Phone Book Math
Did the phone company just deliver new phone books to your door? Don't throw out the old ones -- ask students to bring them to school. Those old phone books offer opportunities for lots of valuable math practice; they're a great teaching tool.

Math Fun! -- Five 'Invisible' Math Lessons
You may have to remind students that they're learning math after they've done one of these five lessons from Education World. The lessons are "invisible" because kids have so much fun they don't realize they are actually doing math.

Count on the Census for Math Lessons
Taken every ten years, the United States Census is an event of epic proportion! Through this counting of each citizen, the government determines not only our countrys population but its diversity as well. If you have been looking for a way of getting your students excited about real-life applications of mathematical concepts, you can count on the census.

On-Line Math Tools --- and Activities to Use With Them
Just where is that calculator when you need it? This week, Education World tells you where to find a variety of helpful on-line math tools. Fin calculators and flashcards *plus* tools for converting kilometers to miles, Roman numerals to Arabic, and fractions to decimals. Included: Simple activities to help you use these on-line math tools.

Linear Equations Game
Ms. Madhavi Dhande, who teaches at Sree Chaitanya Public School in Delhi, India, submitted this lesson, which provides a game where students pair up to solve linear equations for the value of a variable. (Grades 7-12)

Biography Brainstorm: Using Word and the Web to Jumpstart Research
Students use Internet resources and Microsoft Word drawing tools to brainstorm (through webbing) questions about a person they will research and write about.

Introducing Tessellations
Students use the drawings of M.C. Escher, as well as online research, to deduce what tessellations are. Then each student creates tessellations from both regular and irregular polygons.




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