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2014 Summer Reading List: Grade 8

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Gifted Hands

Good Brother, Bad Brother: The Story of Edwin Booth and John Wilkes Booth
By James Cross Giblin

This biography looks at two brothers on opposing sides during the Civil War, and how John Wilkes Booth became the infamous assassin of President Abraham Lincoln. 


Hitler Youth: Growing Up in Hitler's Shadow
By Susan Campbell Bartoletti

This book describes how Adolf Hitler gained the loyalty, trust and following of young people. The author also includes interviews from surviving youth. 

Maze Runner

Red Kayak
By Priscilla Cummings

Thirteen-year-old Brady and his best friends become a part of a terrible tragedy that changes Brady's life forever. 

MatchedWhen My Name Was Keoko
By Linda Sue Park 

This story follows the life of a brother and sister in Korea during World War II. Her brother soon leaves to join the war, relying on Sun-hee to keep their culture alive. 

GamesThe Last Thing I Remember
By Andrew Klavan

Charlie West wakes up bloody and bruised, not knowing what happened. He has no idea why he is being tracked by the government, or why he was convicted of his best friend's murder.

Code OrangeThe Great Wide Sea
By M.H. Herlong

Three brothers, who are still mourning the death of their mother, have an adventure at sea when they go on an extended sailing trip to the Florida Keys with their father. 

A Break With Charity

The Rules of Survival
By Nancy Werlin

This book is about a 17-year-old boy, Matthew, who tries to free himself and his sisters from their emotionally and physically abusive mother.  

Million Dollar Throw

By Andy Mulligan

A group of 14-year-old "dump site" boys, who make their living picking up garbage in an unnamed Third World country, find something interesting that gets them into deep trouble. 

This list was compiled from sources including The Houston Area Independent Schools Library Network and The Parkway (MO) Summer Reading List Committee.

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